Yamanohada Bidou

Tighten and maintain the youthfulness of the skin with line-reducing and anti-aging product that has won the Monde Selection at the Fold Awards Japan 2 years in a row, a non-alconholic and paraben-free with natural mud ingredients that helps deeply cleanse the skin and amber extract that help stimulates new skin cell renwal, rejuvenates, creates hyaluronic, increases collagen

Yamanohada Bidou

As a pioneer of the “Mud Beauty Method R’, Yamano is particularly particular about mud. For home care. we aim to create products that give customers a sense of the finish and comfort of a salon.
For the mud used in BIDOU, we have carefully selected materials such as kaolin, bentonite, synthetic sodium and magnesium silicate, which we have been using since our founding, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the culmination of Yamano’s history. The fine mud absorbs only dirt, leaving the skin clean and smooth. Developed an effective extract that replenishes beautiful skin from the ground up at the molecular level.

Original Complex Ingredients Amber Extract Super RE* The basement membrane is a thin, membranous tissue that lies between the epidermis and dermis and connects the two layers. It plays an important role in supporting beautiful skin, but if it breaks down due to skin stress such as aging. it will lead to aging such as spots, wrinkles, and sagging. Yamano’s years of amber research have led to the development of an extract that supports the basement membrane at the molecular level.

Double patented [Paress for skin rejuvenacing effec) patent number. No. 4933204 Compoution contamine skin fumeser promoting factor obtained from ambe and use thereof [Patent related to the rifert BIDOU Ingredients Amber Extract Super]